Five Ways To Survive An Unprovoked Street Attack

Here Are Five Ways To Survive An Unprovoked Street Attack – That You Won’t Learn At A Backstreet Martial Arts Dojo Or MMA Gym!

Joining a martial arts dojo, or gym is a good first step in learning about self defence. …and while it’s very important to lay down solid fighting foundations – this kind of tuition and training can have its limitations in the long run…
Here are just a few examples:

  • Street fights take place on the street. Fact! Not on a tatami. Not in a boxing ring. Not in the octagon.
  • Your opponent may be bigger, stronger, more musclebound, or high on drugs like PCP and/ or monkey dust.
  • There may be more than one opponent, or they may be tooled up with weapons.
  • There are no rules. No weight divisions. No referee. No medics on hand.

On the street your belt of rank means nothing, and your certificates become little more than just words on paper. This isn’t a competition. its a fight for survival.

That doesn’t mean to say that you should quit your martial arts class, especially if you’re learning good effective techniques. If it isn’t broke – don’t try and fix it. …BUT why not supplement your training by thinking outside of the dojo? Try thinking outside of the box from time to time.
Try thinking beyond the limitations of the dojo walls, the ring-ropes, and the octagon, or even the rule book! …and try to think on a more reality based level.

Here are five ways to prevent, avoid, and survive an unprovoked assault. You don’t need to be black belt somanydans to apply these tactics. All you need is a brain!!!

#1 Don’t be too flash with your cash. When you come out of the bank, or make a withdrawal from a cash card machine, or buy drinks at the bar – don’t be too flash with your cash – or any expensive jewelry for that matter. Most dishonest people may see you and decide to target you. Don’t advertise that you have something that they may be prepared to attack you for. Keep a low profile, and don’t draw any unwanted attention to yourself. Understand the nature of the beast. Most thefts and muggings are carried out by individuals who have drug addictions. …and they NEED money to fund their addictions, and if it’s an addict who’s sweating, shaking, and screwing for their next fix – all I can say is desperate people do desperate things!

#2 Don’t take that shortcut down the alleyway, when it’s dark, late at night. Because thieves who operate alone, or in gangs are predators. They will hide and wait, in the dark. They are the hunters, and you are the pray! The best answer is just don’t go there. …Especially after umpteen pints of beer and a dodgy kebab! Go a different way home. Go past the shops with the CCTV cameras, because a thief won’t want to be recognized on said camera. …So, it’s less likely (but not a guarantee) that an attack will take place there.

As Mr Miyagi would say “Best defense, no be there”

What I’m trying to say is think. Avoid the dangerous places. That way you may not have to fight the the street punks, the psycho crack-head, the football hooligan, or the 18 year old who’s drank two pints of beer and thinks he’s the terminator!

#3 Don’t raise to it. If someone is in your face. Making threats, or even insulting your family honor, provoking you to fight – don’t raise to it. Try to be the bigger person. Try to keep a cool head. This one requires a lot of self discipline and restraint. …and I know it’s a hard one to try and master. …BUT PLEASE TRY. Just walk away from the situation if it’s possible.

#4 If you have no choice but to fight don’t try the fancy Dog-Claw Van Damme stuff. Movie fight scenes are carefully rehearsed and choreographed. That’s NOT the real world!!! Make it simple, fast, and easy to do, and above all effective!

#5 Consider joining a good self defence class – if you hadn’t already done so. …and take the time to visit several different classes. Take time to weigh up the pros and cons before making a commitment and joining up to a class. Consider laying down a good solid self defence foundation – then look into the possibility of expanding your arsenal by cross training in a couple of other styles, arts, or systems.

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Stay Safe. Regards,

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