AMS Security

I quit my old door job at The Albion, and I wasn’t out of work for more than a few minutes. I called Ada Simpson who ran a lot of door-firms in the local area. We kind of knew each each other because we had met on numerous occasions. Instantly, he offed me Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights on a door called “Flickers” and said he would find me some extra work on some other doors. In those days, If you had your doorman licence and experience you could quit a door-job and find another one somewhere else in the same evening. No problem! No need for a CV, references, or job interviews. It was like no other kind of job – where you could be days, weeks, or even moths out of work. You could literally pick and chose where you wanted to work, because doormen were in high demand. Especially if you were good at the job, and had plenty of experience dealing with dickheads.

Flickers, in Newcastle-Under-Lyme was a great door to work. The doormen, Andy and Paul were two great blokes to work with. They were always cracking jokes, and they always had your back. I remember one evening some skinny little scrote pulling a knife on Andy. Andy applied a wrist lock, but this little chav wouldn’t drop the knife. The would-be knife man was only a short arse and built like a skeleton, but the kid was strong and didn’t appear to respond to pain. I think he was on PCP or some other powerful drug. I grabbed him around the throat, and squeezed the life out of him, and shouted “DROP THE FUCKING KNIFE!!!”. I can still remember feeling his “Adams Apple” in the palm of my hands. Eventually he dropped the blade. We mauled him to the floor and secured him. Then we called the police on the radio. He was taken away in a police car. Job done! Even if you think someone has the intention of pulling a blade on you – don’t fuck about! …and if they’re off their tits on drugs – don’t try to go toe-to-toe, or grapple with them. Speaking from my own personal experience, I would say there are two methods that are a constant. One, knock them out (make sure you get the first shot in). Two, choke them out, or apply a sleeper. …and make sure you do it FAST!

One evening, we hit the town after a shift on Flickers. We went to a local nightclub called “Brassingtons”. An ex-girlfriend of mine tagged along with us, and this nonce put his hand up her skirt. I followed him into the bogs (toilets) and slapped the nut on him. By that I mean headbutted him. Planted my forehead across the bridge of his nose. He was a good 4-5 inches taller than me and built like a brick shithouse. I was a little low with my aim, but I took four of his teeth out. It’s not that I’m the jealous type. Far from it. I can’t stand men who think they can go around touching women in sexual and intimate places without consent. I hate it. It’s the lowest of the low!

One night when I was working at a club called Flares, in Hanley, just before closing I found a girl in the toilet who had been raped. It was horrible, and I really felt pity for the young girl. The very last thing she wants to see is is a male. So, I back away calmly and radio for a female door person and a female police officer… I know girls who have been rapped. Girls who’ve been kidnapped and gang rapped. That’s the truth! …and it screws them up in a myriad of different ways! It’s not just a physical attack. It harms people emotionally and mentally.

A week or two later, I was working the same door. Flares, in Hanley. It was just before closing, and this pervert was stood near the top of the stairs. He had his dick out and was wanking off in front of the young females. He didn’t give a flying fart if it distressed them. I was stood right behind him, and kicked him up the arse. He tumbled down the stairs head over heels, like a wheel – before collapsing at the bottom. I jumped down to the bottom of the stairs. Then I dragged his body to the male toilets. The floor was swimming with urine! I took this guy and decided to dispense my own justice. I grabbed his head, and his jaw, and opened his mouth. Then I forced him to bite down on the stainless steel toilet seat that everybody had shit and pissed on. My intentions was to execute a technique known as curbing. It’s when you place a persons teeth as thought they were biting down on a curb, or the edge of a step. Then you kick them in the back of the head. You can take a persons teeth right out, piece of cake. You can break someone’s jaw, it can even kill someone. …So, please don’t do it!!!
Fortunately some doormen followed me down there and stopped me from killing him. I remember telling this piece of scum that he was the luckiest person on Gods earth. …but looking back, I think I was equally as lucky, because had I have gone through with this, I would would have been looking at a long time behind bars.

I know that nothing gives me the right to be the judge, jury, and executioner, but nothing gives a man the right to rape or sexually assault anyone either. I just hate nonces, or sex offenders. …Yeah, I’ll admit my actions sound violent, but the way I saw it – I was doing a public service.

Those girls out there? Yeah there’s a lot of slags, and snakes with tits, but I also believe there are some good, loyal, decent girls and women still around. They are someone’s daughter, or someone’s sister. …and I think the police, and the so called “justice system” are far too soft on these individuals. What the Hell do you expect me to do with these parasites?!!!