Knives, Knuckle Dusters, And Knockouts

It’s not uncommon for a doorman, or anyone involved in security work to get the occasional threat from someone who may be prepared to use illegal weapons.

One night, I was working on the door at Flickers in Newcastle-Under-Lyme and some scrote who we had thrown out previously threatened me with a knife. He told me how he was gonna cut me up and stab me so many times. He threatened to kill me. He reached into his pocket, and before he could pull his blade out I hit him with a knuckleduster as hard and as fast as I could. Right on his jaw. I didn’t take chances. I had to beat him to the draw like Clint Eastwood in an old cowboy movie. …Now don’t get me wrong, you can try all the martial arts techniques for defenses against knife attacks, but this is NOT a dojo. It’s the REAL fucking world. It’s always best to beat them to the draw – so to speak. Some doormen and martial artists call this principal “the preemptive strike”and I don”t have an issue with that terminology, but we always used to say “get the first one in”. It had to be done that way because he came mob handed with about four or five of his mates. Scrotes think they are tough when they are tooled up and in a gang. Best strategy is to checkmate the King in one move, because all the pawns fall apart. There was only three doormen on flickers, and there was at least five of these scrotes. The guy with the knife was doing all the talking. Enticing his mates to have a go at us. So, when I banged him out, all of his mates shit their pants and ran off down the Ironmarket. I didn’t want to leave him there for the police to discover, so I dragged him past the Guild Hall and dumped him inside a side alleyway next to where the old Savoy/ Metropolis nightclub used to be…

About an hour later I had another episode. This time with a lad known as Kane. He did a lot of bare knuckle boxing with gypsies and was quite handy with his fists by all accounts. he was a well known trouble maker in town, and we had ejected him a couple of weeks earlier. He came back looking to get even, or revenge, or whatever his mentality wanted to called it. He made threats, and started stripping of to the waist – just like an old bare knuckle prizefighter. …That’s one thing that gypsies and travelers all do before a fight, they strip off to the waist. While he was taking his coat and his shirt off I banged him out too. I knuckle dusted him, just like the other guy earlier. I dumped him down the same side alleyway as the other guy. …and he was still there, motionless in a heap. It was like the body count was starting to slowly stack up. I’m not bragging cos’ I’m not proud of it. I’m not ashamed of it either cos’ I survived and went home in one piece. No regrets.

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