PIS##NG People Off In Porthcawl

Promoter Dave Reece was running live shows in Wales, and decided to run a show at the seaside town of Porthcawl. He had booked the Big Daddy tag match as the second bout on the card. I was wrestling in the opening match with another wrestler from Stoke known as Kid Sox. He had been touring around the UK doing all the holiday camps and he’d developed a comedy style of wrestling. Dave Reece liked his style of match and wanted me to work blue eye (baby face). He just wanted a clean solid technical wrestling match with two good guys. No villainy. Nice clean, gentlemanly sportsmanship, and a bit of comedy thrown in. That was the plan.

As we were getting changed, the referee Roy came and told us that the batting order had changed. He wanted me to work as the bastard villain, and he wanted me to really “rock n’ roll” the punters (fans). He still wanted Kid Sox to throw in the comedy, and instead of a draw he wanted Darren (Kid Sox) over to win.

Darren reckoned if we did this right Shirley (Big Daddy) wouldn’t be able to follow our match. It was a hell of a challenge because Big Daddy was then the biggest name in British wrestling. Mike Weaver was full of ideas. Egging me on to use every dirty cheating trick in the book. I was really up for it. This was like Christmas or my own birthday. We knew that Dave Reece didn’t want us to go this far, but we had the green light from Roy, so it was his responsibility as far as we were concerned.

Before the match started – I grabbed the microphone and cut a little promo. I told all the Welsh people what a beautiful country they lived in …how it was perfect like paradise on earth …but the problem was – it was full of Welsh people – who should know their place and bow down to their English masters! Already they hated me, and I hadn’t even started to wrestle! If I’m honest – I’m very talented at pissing people off.

We stole a couple of spots from the Big Daddy tag match. Things like me taking off the corner pads and posting Darren into the exposed steel turnbuckle hooks. I’d apply a boston crab, grab the rope, and get a submission. You could guarantee the fans would grass you up to the refree – so the submission would be disallowed. Another false finish spot would be something like Darren giving me monkey climbs out of the corners, but I’d uppercut him in his balls. As he fell to the canvas I would execute a folding press and place my feet on the ropes. Again I’d get grassed up by the fans and the fall would be disallowed.

“Texas Joe Sovaldi” was in the main event later that evening and Darren wrapped the match up with Texas Joe’s finishing routine. The short arm clothesline, the DDT, the running bulldog headlock out of the corner, and the dreaded leg drop of doom!

After the match was over, Dave Reece burst into the dressing room, and he was furious! He was fuming mad, and went into one of his outbursts… “Why the f##k did you change the script? …When I say I want a blue-eye match – I want a blue-eye match! …When I say do comedy – I mean do comedy! …What the f##k are the pair of you playing at?!!!”¬†I just shrugged my shoulders and replied¬†“We were just following orders. Roy told us the script had changed”. That was it – we were off the hook, but Dave still wasn’t happy. Mike Weaver and Keith Myatt couldn’t make eye contact with any of us, because there would have been an outburst of laughter. For someone so green, I must have done a few things right because Dave started booking me and Darren to do the same style match everywhere we wrestled. Obviously Roy was playing a rib on us all. I did find it hilarious.

I think Shirley was a bit angry too, but I didn’t mean it in a disrespectful way. It was a rib, or a wind-up, and that’s all there was to it. Tongues started wagging about the match within the wrestling community. I think there was few people who didn’t like Shirley and they found it hilarious. Some people liked Shirley and some people didn’t like him. Personally – I never had a problem with him. I know some people have written and said a lot of negative stuff about the guy, but I speak as I find. He was always OK around me.

Texas Joe wasn’t happy either, but we din’t give a flying f##k about him. He was a bloody rotten worker.

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