Success Stories and Testimonials.

“On the 16th of August, Chris Matthews held his second seminar in Finland, the first one revolving around catch-as-catch-can wrestling. This time he bought with him a British style of martial arts, called Bushi Kempo.
There was a bunch of martial art enthusiasts attending the seminar, much more than in the previous one! Chris showed us a lot of good techniques, some familiar but with different applications. The way he executed and taught them with expertise, was the reason Bushi Kempo was well received. Thanks to Chris for leaving a good impression on Bushi Kempo for us. Everyone was happy with the seminar and cannot wait for a next one! Hopefully we’ll get to see Chris back in Finland again, Cheers!”
Henry VanHanen, BSD Budo Taijutsu.
Kerava, Finland.

“When I agreed to give Chris’ conditioning workout a shot I knew I was going to feel deep in my core. But still; holy shit was I not ready for that! That workout was easily, without a doubt, the toughest I’ve ever went through in my entire life! Until the halfway of the workout I thought maybe I can pull this off without any help. Aaaand then my strength just disappeared. I couldn’t feel my forearms and I could barely move my fingers. But that – and Chris – wouldn’t let me stop. I realized how much more I can squeeze out of myself with a workout partner. Chris helped me get through the rest of the sets with dignity, and boy do I feel like it payed off! I also realized that I clearly wasn’t working out hard enough. From now on I’ll be applying Chris’ methods in my workout, even though I may not always have a workout partner, and I trust that I’ll be getting a lot stronger that way.”
Esa Kemppainen.
Helsinki, Finland.

“Chris introduced me to catch-wrestling, in one of his workshops. Before that, I had only seen catch-wrestling through videos, and was keen to learn more about it. I have been training multiple martial arts for almost 30 years and currently teach the Russian martial art Systema in Helsinki, Finland, so I felt that catch-as-catch-can would be a nice addition to enrich my perspectives. Systema and catch, share similar philosophies, meaning that it is needless to fight more than you really have to. Chris’ approach was very intuitive and his ability to teach is perfect right from the get-go. I highly recommend training with him, whether you are fighter in MMA or just want to learn this extremely interesting form of grappling.”
Jani Hautamäki. Systema Trainer.
Helsinki, Finland.

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