As I promised a while back, I’ve started uploading more catch wrestling/ submission grappling videos to my YouTube channel. I started uploading tutorials over a week ago, and will try to upload a new video everyday if my schedule permits. Here is one that I uploaded recently. If you want to stay up to date, head on over to my youtube, smash the subscribe and notification buttons. There’s more coming soon!


Hey guy’s and Gal’s I just wanted to let you know that after a very llloooonnngg break from posting martial arts videos to my YouTube channel, I’ve decided it’s time to come back. This time I’ll be focusing on striking arts like boxing and I’ll be revealing some tricks of the trade from my fairground boxing days. Stay tuned. head on over to my channel and subscribe to catch the latest uploads.

In the meantime here’s some footage from a catch wrestling semibnar, for those of you who like their grappling arts.

Product Review: Hand Forged Ninja Sword

Some people say that the straight bladed ninja sword never existed in feudal Japan. That ALL swords were curved, and that the whole straight blade and square tsuba look was created for the Sho Kosugi ninja movies during the 1980’s. However, there was such a weapon used by the Ashigaru. The Ashigaru were foot-soldiers throughout feudal japan. They were not of Samurai class, but rather the paramilitaries of their day. They specialized in guerrilla warfare. Some became mercenaries.  Assassins to the highest bidder. Doe’s this sound familiar?

The Ashigaru had the skills and the intelligence to fashion their own crude sword-like weapons from pole-arms such as the naginata. Crude as they were – they were effective weapons.

If you check out the graphic (below) you may be able to spot the similarities between the naginata (pole-arm) and the chokuto (straight, single edged sword). This supports the theory that the Ashigaru may have produced their own improvised weapons.

Japanese Swords
Japanese Swords

Here is the latest addition to my collection. The Hand Forged Ninja Sword that I purchased from the Blades UK Clearance Facebook page. This item was reduced in price to only £26 – due to some small dents on the saya, but you can hardly see them at all. It’s hand forged with carbon steel. It has a real ray skin tsuka, and it’s ultra sharp. The blade itself is unblemished. Immaculate. It is NOT the exact same size as the commercial ninjato that are available over the internet. It’s blade length and handle length is the same as a standard katana. If anything its more Ashigaru than it is ninja! A more appropriate name for this sword would be the chokutō instead of the ninjato.

Hanwei ninja swords can cost anything from £240 – £448. They do have shorter straight blades and a square tsuba – just like the movie ninja sword. It may be made of a higher grade carbon steel than some other brands of ninjato. If you are looking for a bargain I can recommend a visit to the Blades UK Clearance Facebook page and don’t forget to click the like and follow buttons.

I don’t buy cheap swords – I buy swords cheap!
Please practice responsibly, and enjoy your budo.

How To Wrap Your Hands For Boxing And MMA

Iv’e recently uploaded a video to my YouTube channel entitled “How To Wrap Your Hands For Boxing And MMA”. This is the exact method I learned while I was amateur boxing under Sam Donnely at the old Queensberry Amateur Boxing Association. I also used this method whenever I boxed for prize money in the old Ron Taylor’s Boxing Booth. £10 if you can last 3 rounds. £100 for a knockout.

First let’s go to the why… What’s the big deal? …Do you REALLY need them? In fact you bloody well do need them. To protect the bones and tendons in your hand and wrist if nothing else! Take a look at the pictures below. Then I’ll explain something.

I’m 6ft tall, but I have a very small bone structure for someone of my height. Therefore I need to protect my hands from the constant pounding on someones head and body. It is what it is. Boxing and MMA are both brutal sports for all the contestants involved. So If you are seriously thinking about doing combat sports of this nature I urge you to learn, practice, and use this method of wrapping your hands.

Training Opportunities

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I’m now accepting booking inquiries for my exclusive one-on-one personal coaching programs, and open gym seminars.

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Beyond Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Here Are Five FREE Instructional Videos From My YouTube Playlist Entitled:
Beyond Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The catch wrestling techniques on this playlist WILL take your submission grappling to a whole new level.

…and don’t just take my word for it. Check out this fantastic testimonial:

“Chris introduced me to catch-wrestling, in one of his workshops. Before that, I had only seen catch-wrestling through videos, and was keen to learn more about it. I have been training multiple martial arts for almost 30 years and currently teach the Russian martial art Systema in Helsinki, Finland, so I felt that catch-as-catch-can would be a nice addition to enrich my perspectives. Systema and catch, share similar philosophies, meaning that it is needless to fight more than you really have to. Chris’ approach was very intuitive and his ability to teach is perfect right from the get-go. I highly recommend training with him, whether you are fighter in MMA or just want to learn this extremely interesting form of grappling.”
Jani Hautamäki. Systema Trainer.
Helsinki, Finland

Here’s a sneak peak of whats on the playlist…

  1. How To Improve Your Guillotine Choke Hold …And Make Your Opponent Tap-Out In Seconds!
  2. How To Escape A Sleeper Hold! Dirty Fighting Tricks For Catch Wrestling/ BJJ/ MMA!
  3. Easy To learn/ Use Neck Cranks And Kimura’s From The Side Mount.
  4. Five BRUTAL Catch Wrestling Techniques From The Side Mount! Catch Wrestling/ BJJ/ MMA. Must See!!!
  5. Mount Attacks. Catch Wrestling / BJJ / MMA.

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Five Ways To Survive An Unprovoked Street Attack

Here Are Five Ways To Survive An Unprovoked Street Attack – That You Won’t Learn At A Backstreet Martial Arts Dojo Or MMA Gym!

Joining a martial arts dojo, or gym is a good first step in learning about self defence. …and while it’s very important to lay down solid fighting foundations – this kind of tuition and training can have its limitations in the long run…
Here are just a few examples:

  • Street fights take place on the street. Fact! Not on a tatami. Not in a boxing ring. Not in the octagon.
  • Your opponent may be bigger, stronger, more musclebound, or high on drugs like PCP and/ or monkey dust.
  • There may be more than one opponent, or they may be tooled up with weapons.
  • There are no rules. No weight divisions. No referee. No medics on hand.

On the street your belt of rank means nothing, and your certificates become little more than just words on paper. This isn’t a competition. its a fight for survival.

That doesn’t mean to say that you should quit your martial arts class, especially if you’re learning good effective techniques. If it isn’t broke – don’t try and fix it. …BUT why not supplement your training by thinking outside of the dojo? Try thinking outside of the box from time to time.
Try thinking beyond the limitations of the dojo walls, the ring-ropes, and the octagon, or even the rule book! …and try to think on a more reality based level.

Here are five ways to prevent, avoid, and survive an unprovoked assault. You don’t need to be black belt somanydans to apply these tactics. All you need is a brain!!!

#1 Don’t be too flash with your cash. When you come out of the bank, or make a withdrawal from a cash card machine, or buy drinks at the bar – don’t be too flash with your cash – or any expensive jewelry for that matter. Most dishonest people may see you and decide to target you. Don’t advertise that you have something that they may be prepared to attack you for. Keep a low profile, and don’t draw any unwanted attention to yourself. Understand the nature of the beast. Most thefts and muggings are carried out by individuals who have drug addictions. …and they NEED money to fund their addictions, and if it’s an addict who’s sweating, shaking, and screwing for their next fix – all I can say is desperate people do desperate things!

#2 Don’t take that shortcut down the alleyway, when it’s dark, late at night. Because thieves who operate alone, or in gangs are predators. They will hide and wait, in the dark. They are the hunters, and you are the pray! The best answer is just don’t go there. …Especially after umpteen pints of beer and a dodgy kebab! Go a different way home. Go past the shops with the CCTV cameras, because a thief won’t want to be recognized on said camera. …So, it’s less likely (but not a guarantee) that an attack will take place there.

As Mr Miyagi would say “Best defense, no be there”

What I’m trying to say is think. Avoid the dangerous places. That way you may not have to fight the the street punks, the psycho crack-head, the football hooligan, or the 18 year old who’s drank two pints of beer and thinks he’s the terminator!

#3 Don’t raise to it. If someone is in your face. Making threats, or even insulting your family honor, provoking you to fight – don’t raise to it. Try to be the bigger person. Try to keep a cool head. This one requires a lot of self discipline and restraint. …and I know it’s a hard one to try and master. …BUT PLEASE TRY. Just walk away from the situation if it’s possible.

#4 If you have no choice but to fight don’t try the fancy Dog-Claw Van Damme stuff. Movie fight scenes are carefully rehearsed and choreographed. That’s NOT the real world!!! Make it simple, fast, and easy to do, and above all effective!

#5 Consider joining a good self defence class – if you hadn’t already done so. …and take the time to visit several different classes. Take time to weigh up the pros and cons before making a commitment and joining up to a class. Consider laying down a good solid self defence foundation – then look into the possibility of expanding your arsenal by cross training in a couple of other styles, arts, or systems.

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Five Ways To Stop Sexual Assault

Here Are Five Ways To Avoid Or Stop A Sexual Assault – That No Sexual Predator Would Ever Want You To Know!

During the past few months I’ve been asked countless times if I would consider opening a women’s self-defence class. Learning fighting techniques is all fine and dandy, but lets take a look at how a sexual assault can be avoided in the first place. Prevention is better than cure!

Sexual assault is on the increase. Recently, in Rotherham, England there has been 1400 reports of RAPE carried out by “sexual grooming gangs” …and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If you don’t want become a victim – take heed of these five steps, tips, tactics and techniques. You don’t need to be in super-human shape, or have any special martial arts training. A lot of this is just common sense …and a bit of savage brute force.

#1 Don’t go out clubbing alone! Think safety in numbers. Go with friends and stick together. Sexual predators are just like any other kind of predator in the animal kingdom – they will look for the easy option every time, and they are more likely to pick a target that’s alone and more vulnerable. Stay together in a group and watch out for each other. Share a bus or taxi home. Better still – get a trusted friend, your boy-fiend, husband, or a family member to give you lift back home.

#2 Don’t leave your drink unattended. More and more sexual predators are using date rape dungs to subdue their targets these days. If you leave your drink unattended, and then return to it – you could be setting yourself up for trouble. Just throw it away and buy another drink. Never mind if you think it’s a waste of money – you can’t put a price on your safety and well being. If someone offers to buy you a drink – politely decline, not everyone who appears to be nice to you is your friend.

#3 Walking or jogging in the park? Ditch the headphones and stop texting, or checking your Facebook on your phone. Be fully aware of what’s going on around you. Be able to see and hear what dangers may be ahead. Stay alert at all times! Be vigilant!

#4 Carry a personal rape alarm and some “covert weapons” around with you. I don’t mean carry knives, daggers, or anything of the like. House keys, and car keys can be used to defend yourself.

#5 Be prepared to do whatever it takes to survive an assault. Scream at the top of your voice, bite, scratch, spit… Use all the nasty stuff you won’t learn at an MMA class like eye gouges and low-blows to the genitals. Remember this is NOT about competition – it’s about survival and defending yourself! Run, or walk away. Put distance between you and your attacker. Phone the police if necessary.

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